Sunday Worship Service – Communion

December 3, 2017 @ 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

We celebrate Communion together as a church family on the 1st Sunday of each month.

If you were to come to our Sunday worship service at 10:30 am, you would enter in through the front door, you would immediately hear the music of our talented and professional Music Director, Paul Townshend. You will be greeted by two of our congregation who will welcome you and hand you a copy of that day’s ‘order of service’ (or church bulletin as we call it). Feel free to sit down anywhere in the pews, you can even sit up front, the minister never asks for volunteers.

The service usually begins with the entrance of the choir. An elder will welcome you and offer to new people the opportunity to join us in the hall after the service for refreshments and fellowship, if you go, you’re likely to be welcomed by some of the members of the congregation.

Once we’ve sang our opening hymn the service continues, The minister invites the young people up for a short story and prayer, after that they go off to Sunday school. You may not feel comfortable sending your kids off on your first visit, up to you either way.

Our worship service continues with more hymns, gospel readings, perhaps a hymn from the choir, a time to give offerings (please do not feel obligated while you’re visiting), and closing prayers and hymns. The service takes about an hour, a little longer if we serve communion or have a baptism. By the way, if you come on a day when we’re serving communion you are more than welcome to join in.