Announcements 19-Nov-2017

A warm welcome to all who come to worship this Sunday. Please join us after worship for refreshments and conversation.

Today we are delighted to welcome 8 people who will profess their faith and become members of the church. They include: Carolyn and Don Johnston, Ed Webster, Janis McLean, Steve Knowles, Kevin Johnston, Don Hutchinson* and Christine Tian*.
*Don and Christine will be welcomed on Sunday December 3rd.

Today’s worship service will also include a final update by the Transition Team. Thank you to Robert H., Adele, Steve, Ana, Anne, & Kevin for your faithfulness and dedication.

Today nominations for new elders will be distributed. Please pray for wisdom as the church seeks new spiritual leaders to inspire and lead the church as it prepares itself for a new future.

A special thank you to Alex and Patti for their presentation last Remembrance Sunday chronicling their visit to Vimy Ridge.

Thank you to all those who were involved with the Treats and Treasures Bazaar. Approximately $1,700 was raised for the church.

The aurora community café – coffee with a conscience, continued last Wednesday. Each week, different local churches take turns to provide volunteers to serve as hosts for the café. Hosts welcome people and get to interact with the partners of the café. Aurora United Church provided hosts last week. Welcoming Arms will provide hosts this week and Our Lady of Grace will host the last Wednesday of the month. This café will operate every Wednesday from 10am – 2pm, offering employment and job-training to adults with disabilities while seeking to break down barriers that keep people isolated or separate and bring people together.

The series “Let’s Talk About Faith” will conclude today as we meet at 12:15pm to discuss the theme “God’s Glory Alone.”

The final session of The Story morning Bible study series was held last Thursday. This group met on 31 occasions. A special thank you to Marion and Bill for their leadership and to all who participated.

The St. Andrew’s Prayer Chain offers daily prayers for those in need of God’s help. If you would like to request our prayers for yourself or for a loved one, please call Cheryl Daddis, 905-841- 3674 or email Your prayer requests are a sacred trust and will be kept entirely confidential.

Paul will be away next Sunday as session has granted him time off in lieu of the extra time he has been offering to the church. The Rev. Don Muir will lead worship next Sunday.